DATE: MAY 26, 2015

The Windward Ahupua`a Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit formally established in July, 2003, is still around even though it hasnít sent an e-newsletter or updated its website for nearly five months.
Because we were not able to bring renewable energy specialists into THE FUTURE IS NOW Renewable Energy & Climate Change Educational presentations, we decided to let others address these issues. NOTE: Iím still on two national/international groups on climate change.
Meanwhile, as WAAís representative, Iíve spent almost every 2015 weekday plus numerous Saturdays at the State Capitol, Honolulu Hale, University of Hawai`i, and over two dozen state & county monthly board meetings. I also tracked national and international entitiesí decisions which impact people around the world - including here in Hawai`i.
Over the next several months, Jim Wood and I will be coordinating a variety of environmental & social justice service projects. Our first one will be working to clean up the illegal dumping first here in Windward O`ahua. The second set of projects will be to work on permanent and realistic affordable housing.

From the beginning, WAA, has been using standard media resources plus regular e-newsletters and (real) mailings to let folks know that community service projects, fund-raisers, and educational programs were coming up.
However, since January, 2011, WAA has spent significant time on grant applications and its leadership recruitment & other internal policy decisions. We also expanded our academic research and advocacy efforts to include transit-oriented/urban development, affordable housing, animal welfare, homelessness, and UH intercollegiate athletics.
What we didnít do was to use social media to get the word out to the public - especially to young adults.
Because social media have become integral parts of everyoneís lives, Jim & I will be taking classes & seminars over the next several months to communicate better with folks like you.


The Windward Ahupua`a Alliance has moved to its second decade of the twenty-first century.
When WAA started using APPLE software & hardware in late 2013, I thought it would be easy to move from MICROSOFT products, but I found out that I was either too stupid or too old to learn how to work with APPLE/MAC stuff.
Yes, I am now learning how to use them.
The second task is one that has been on my List Of Things To Do for over five years - becoming a serious but funny somewhat non-partisan political blogger. I registered the title The Capitolist in late 2010 - but I've been overwhelmed with personal & professional issues for over four years; however, I am now ready to write - again - starting this summer.
Raising funds for WAA's major projects PLUS getting additional folks to step on the WAA's train is its third major project.


The Windward Ahupua`a Alliance, a 501c3 Hawai`i non-profit corporation, was established in July, 2002, to create the Ko`olau Greenbelt & Heritage Trails System in order to restore, protect & provide public access to the mountain lands on the Windward side of O`ahu along the base of Na Ko`olau as well as to support locally-owned sustainable economic activities in more developed areas. Its mandate, however, has expanded over the past 13 years well beyond these important regional issues.
WAA now works to educate & inform residents, visitors, businesses, policymakers at all levels of government, and the media about using SMART GROWTH principles which promote sustainability through urban (re)development to protect agricultural and conservation lands.
In addition to planning how & where we will live, work & play, WAA also advocates on matters as diverse as developing new waste management programs; setting long-term watershed protection policies based upon ahupua`a concepts; creating locally-owned ďgreenĒ economic development opportunities; supporting renewable energy standards to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and mitigating the impacts of global warming & rising sea levels around the world by working on public policy changes at all three levels of government.
WAA has also played a significant role in strengthening state statutes & county ordinances as well as administrative rules dealing with recycling & illegal dumping as well as funding state & county "legacy lands" laws.
Since its founding, WAA has established partnerships with over two dozen organizations, coordinated field trips to meet with people who are engaged in sustainable economic activities in agriculture, tourism & high technology, and co-sponsored or played an active role in seminaars, workships & conferences on a wide range of public policy issues including health, education, social justice, and workforce housing issues.